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Feinstein's/54 Below

Broadway Guest Artists - Natalie Weiss, Elizabeth Teeter, Kara Lindsay & Kevin Massey

Participant Packages


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  • NYC Rehearsal/Performance Date Obligations:  Rehearsals begin Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 9am local time and end with the performance on Saturday afternoon, June 10, 2023.

  • Hotel Group Rate:  On Stage Collective will be providing a discounted rate for our preferred hotel, conveniently located near our rehearsal and performance venues. The discounted rate and hotel details will be made known to participants in coming months. Additionally, participant's friends and family members who wish to book rooms at our hotel and take advantage of the discounted rate also have the opportunity to do so.

  • Master Classes:  Only Gold & Platinum package participants are eligible to attend and be considered to perform in the Master Classes with our Broadway Guest Artists. Singers for the Master Classes will be determined based on audition videos and with input from the Guest Artists. All attendees actively participate in the master class discussion and have an opportunity to ask questions. Attendees will gain important tools to apply to their own performing by observing their peers work. 

  • Pay-in-Full Option:  A Stripe processing fee (2.90%+$0.30) has been included in the payment plan as outlined in the participant agreement. To avoid these fees, Cast Member may pay in full via check, made payable to On Stage Collective, and mailed to P.O. Box 190282, Saint Louis, MO 63119. The check must be received by January 1, 2023.

  • Payment Plan Option:  Any participants who haven't paid in full by January 1, 2023 will automatically be enrolled in the payment plan. Based on your chosen package, the remaining fee will be auto-drafted in five (5) equal installments indicated below. A Stripe processing fee (2.90%+$0.30) has been included.

$329.87 / $391.66 / $453.45, auto-drafted on January 7, 2023

$329.87 / $391.66 / $453.45, auto-drafted on February 7, 2023

$329.87 / $391.66 / $453.45, auto-drafted on March 7, 2023

$329.87 / $391.66 / $453.45, auto-drafted on April 7, 2023

$329.87 / $391.66 / $453.45, auto-drafted on May 7, 2023

  • Chaperones:  Any participants under the age of 18 (prior to June 7, 2023) are required to be physically accompanied by a designated adult chaperone during all events and activities outside of the rehearsals and performances (ie. Broadway museum, Broadway shows, etc.). Adults may chaperone more than one participant (in place of a parent) as long as a parent/guardian indicates such by signing and listing it on their Participant Agreement. Multiple participants under 1 chaperone's guardianship should choose the same package.

  • Schedule:  Once program repertoire has been selected and assigned, participants will be contacted to schedule brief zoom rehearsals with our Music Director. Rehearsal, cast event, & performance schedule specifics, while in New York, will be provided in coming months. While in New York, chaperones will drop-off/pick-up participants at specific set times and will NOT be required to stay on-site during rehearsals. In addition to our cast schedule for the weekend, there WILL be various blocks of "free time" for participants and their families/chaperone to make personal plans and enjoy their time together in the city.

  • Travel:  All participants are responsible for their travel to, from, and within New York. The cast will not be traveling as a group.  Participants are welcome to use any personal travel points, rewards, etc.

  • Platinum Package, Broadway Show Tickets:  Platinum Package Participants will receive two tickets and have the option to choose between 2 award-winning Broadway show options. Current shows under consideration: Six, Wicked, Hamilton, Little Shop of Horrors, and Sweeney Todd. 

  • Extra Tickets to 54 Below Performance, Broadway Museum, Broadway Shows, etc.:  Participant's family members will also have the option to participate in cast events! Ticket info for each event will be announced in coming months at which time family members wishing to attend may purchase additional tickets.​​

  • Optional Add-Ons:  The following may be added at a later time for an additional charge.

  • 1 30-minute one-on-one zoom coaching with Industry Professional (available for any package participants);

  • Empire State Building Experience (available for any package participants);

  • Attend a 2nd Broadway Show (available for Platinum participants only).